South African Child Protection Project (SACPP)

The South African Child Protection Project (SACPP) is a five-year initiative with the goal to enhance the provision and future development of child protection systems and services in South Africa. CWLC, in collaboration with the South African Department of Social Development (DSD), will provide technical assistance, risk mitigation and quality assurance services. The data generated from this study will provide and inform national policy development, programming and advocacy efforts. This year, CWLC held consultations in eight of the nine South African provinces with members of the national and provincial Departments of Social Development, various other governmental departments and local NGOs. 2010 also marked the entry into the initiation and pilot study phase of the study. The project’s activities included developing an environmental scan, the data collection instrument, methodology and the data collection approach for the study. CWLC also recently hosted the project team from the South African Department of Social Development, the purpose of which was to discuss key topics including the conceptual framework, the methodology, data collection strategy, and overall project planning and risk mitigation. For more information, please contact us at