Annual Reports

Every year at CWLC brings with it numerous opportunities for growth, new challenges to tackle and partnerships to strengthen. Below are our Annual Reports for past years, which outline our successes on behalf of Canadian families. For more information on any of these reports, please contact us at

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Strategic Plan 2007 - 2012

With the successful completion of the CWLC five – year Strategic Plan in 2006, the Board of Directors started the renewal process in the fall of 2005 to ensure that the organization had a consistent framework for focusing its priorities. Developed and adopted in 2006, this new Strategic Plan articulates CWLC’s direction and supporting activities from 2007 until 2012; categorizes our central responsibilities; helps guide the various committees in setting goals and outcomes; and most importantly, identifies which commitments will help CWLC achieve its vision.

Strategic Plan 2001 - 2006

In July 1999, the CWLC Board of Directors initiated a strategic planning process to serve as a blueprint for success and advancement in the new millenium. The process began with an extensive, cross-country survey of current and potential member agencies and others associated with child and family services in Canada. Focus groups and interviews were conducted with over 100 people in seven cities. The Board of Directors subsequently developed strategic directions and priorities for CWLC, in accordance with the organization's mission, values and objectives.

Environmental Scan 2001 - 2006

The Environmental Scan presents a summary of the responses to a survey of CWLC members and others concerned with child and family services in Canada. The survey was conducted over the first three months of 2000, as part of CWLC's strategic planning process.