National Victim Services Program

A bilingual pamphlet that describes the services of the NVSP and how the service can assist victims of crime.
Correctional Service Canada
Government of Canada
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Building integrative juvenile justice systems: Approaches and methodologies regarding mental disorders and drugs misuse

November 9, 2010 - November 10, 2010
Rome, Italy
The International Conference will focus on two main central themes: I. Mental disorders and drugs misuse: Analysis of the situation of minors in conflict with the law. • Study of the situation of young offenders with mental disorders or disorders related to drugs misuse: the basics of intervention. • The response of juvenile-justice systems to offences committed by minors and young people suffering from mental disorders. • Juvenile delinquency related to drugs misuse: profile of young offenders and analysis of the resources used for their social integration.   II. Juvenile justice and health systems: a necessary multidisciplinary and integrative collaboration. • Mental disorders, drugs misuse and juvenile justice: ethical aspects and good practices. • The relationship between juvenile justice systems and health services: the need to promote specialized resources. • Encouraging policy and regulation: interface between systems.   Call for papers and presentations open until May 28, 2010. The working languages at the International Conference will be: English, French and Italian.
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International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO)

"A Full and Candid Account" - Using Special Accommodations and Testimonial Aids to Facilitate the Testimony of Children

These seven concise handbooks help prosecutors, victim-support workers, judges and others understand and meet the needs of children who testify in court. All seven handbooks are available to download.
Alison Cunningham and Pamela Hurley
Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System
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Make Me A Criminal - Preventing Youth Crime

This report makes the case for a more therapeutic and family-based approach to youth offending, as opposed to the present, more punitive, system.
Institute for Public Policy Research
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Improving the Health of Canadians: Mental Health, Delinquency and Criminal Activity: Workshop Proceedings Report

This product documents a Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI) workshop, held in collaboration with Alberta Health Services (AHS), which focused on issues related to mental health, delinquency,
Andrew Taylor, Canadian Institute for Health Information
Canadian Institute for Health Information
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