National Consultation Centre (NCC)

CWLC's National Consultation Centre (NCC) provides consulting and management services to organizations and governments working on behalf of children, youth and families. The NCC's goal is to strengthen the capacity of agencies, organizations and systems to plan and deliver services that demonstrably enhance the well-being of children, families and communities in Canada and abroad. National Consultation Centre Services The NCC offers a range of services, data and tools that allow child and family service organizations to perform and thrive in an environment that is always changing and challenging. These services are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients. They include:
  • Program evaluation, development and implementation
  • Operational review
  • Legislative, policy and/or regulatory reviews
  • Decision process mapping
  • Training and development for managers, staff and/or foster parents
  • Focus group consultations
  • Environmental scans
  • Continuous quality improvement (CQI)
  • Strategic planning
  • Management of change
  • Gender analysis of services, policies and programs
  • Board governance
  • Assistant with multicultural issues.
NCC Approach The whole approach of the National Consultation Centre is centred on children and families, using in-depth, qualitative processes to provide comprehensive, multi-dimensional profiles. It also employs a project management approach to ensure meaningful and measurable outcomes that will have a clear and positive impact on children and families. This approach involves:
  • Clarifying the purpose of the project
  • Determining achievable and measurable objectives
  • Defining and implementing achievable activities to meet objectives
  • Assessing outcomes with quantifiable indicators.
NCC Consultants and Consulting Team Members NCC consultants and consulting team members have first-hand experience providing and managing child and family services. They are selected on the basis of skills and experience needed to fulfill the specific needs and goals of each assignment. CWLC seconds these highly qualified consultants from its member organizations and places them on term assignments. All consultants and team members have access to the Child Welfare League of America and the National Centre for Consultation and Professional Development. They work on-site, in cooperation with stakeholders at every level and use participatory research and evaluation to ensure ‘buy-in’ by the client, They build the capacities of organizations and systems, while equipping clients to maintain and monitor improvements long after the consultation is completed. Examples of consultations:
  • The development of a “Roster of Experts” available to provide consultation to child welfare organizations
  • A review and needs assessment of foster care policy, services and supports in Alberta
  • Participation in a national study of youth who have been involved with child welfare system, and their experience of homelessness in “aging out” of child welfare
NCC Costs The National Consultation Centre provides excellent quality services at reasonable costs on a competitive basis. Detailed work plans and budgets are developed for prior approval by clients. Discounts are offered as a special benefit to CWLC members. References are available on request. For more information Gordon Phaneuf, MSW, RSW Chief Executive Officer CWLC / LBEC 226 Argyle Avenue Ottawa, ON K2P 1B9 Telephone: (613) 235-4412 Fax: (613) 235-7616 E-mail: