Past Projects

Promoting Parent Education and Support (PPES)  The objective of this endeavour was to develop culturally relevant parenting education tools and professional education materials to inform parents and/or guardians about positive parenting. The effects of physical punishment of children and child abuse were also incorporated. For more information, please contact us at Building Education Opportunities in Canadian Child Welfare Servcies (BEO) This three-year project from the Adult Learning, Literacy and Essential Skills Program, Human Resources and Social Development, wrapped up on December 31, 2010. The BEO focused on increasing access to post secondary education for children in care and children receiving services from child welfare agencies. For information on Building Education Opportunities contact us at Parenting Resources Information Development Education (PRIDE) The PRIDE program is a foster parent and adoptive parent recruitment, preparation and selection program that also provides foster parent inservice training and ongoing professional development. Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare (CECW) CWLC, in partnership with the University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work, and l'Institut de recherche pour le développement social des jeunes (IRDS), forms the Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare, one of five Centres of Excellence for Children's Well-Being funded by Health Canada. Canadian Looking After Children Project (CanLAC) The CanLAC project links jurisdictions across the country to improve the experience and outcomes of children and youth in state care. National Child and Family Services Accountability Development Project