Living with FASD Telesummit for Parents

Septembre 9, 2013 - Septembre 20, 2013
Web-based telesummit
  The Living with FASD telesummit will begin September 9thand will run for 12 days (  Most of the speakers (15 of 22) are professionals, who are also raising children with FASD. We have purposely selected speakers with these dual qualifications for our interviews because they are in a position to provide practical tips and strategies based on the latest research combined with their own personal experience. Here are three examples of how people you serve could benefit from participating in this global on line event.
  1. How sensory processing challenges affect behavior and learning and ways to maximize success
  2. How to engage mental health providers in a positive way while questioning their decisions
  3. How to assess the extent of caregiver stress parents may be experiencing and practical tips to reduce stress
.5in">For a more complete list of listener benefits, please go to  .5in">This is a great opportunity to learn more about FASD and hear directly from those living with FASD. And there is no charge if people register for the sessions.  .5in">
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Living with FASD