National Conference on Keeping Kids Safe and Connected

Avril 24, 2013 - Avril 25, 2013
Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver, B.C.

Champions for Children and Youth 2013 B.C. Summit:
A National Conference on Keeping Kids Safe and Connected
April 24/25, 2013 – Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver

Summit Themes:
- Behaviour modeling
- Cultivating child-friendly communities
- Bully proofing
- Roles of government and institutions in youth safety
- Needs of Aboriginal children and youth in the community
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Mental Health Knowledge Network Webinar Series

CWLC has launched its Mental Health Knowledge Network (MHKN) webinar series - a unique and valuable knowledge-sharing forum by members, for members.

3rd National Symposium on Child and Youth Mental Health

Mai 30, 2012 - Juin 1, 2012
McEwan Centre, Calgary, AB

Themes: Access, Wait Times & The Role of Schools in Mental Health


Click here to see event website and register.

Click here to see the symposium agenda. 

Participants will include families, educators, youth, service providers, policy and practice leaders, clinicians, researchers, and child welfare and mental health professionals.

Sponsored by: National Infant, Child and Youth Mental Health Consortium and School-Based Mental Health and Substance Abuse Consortium

For more information, please contact us at

Enfants soldats - Extrait du rapport mondial 2008

Il s’agit d’un extrait du Rapport Mondial 2008 (disponible en anglais) qui comprends les pays/situations où

Justice Canada l'initiative de lutte contra la violence familiale
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Rapport final du Centre d'excellence pour la protection et le bien-être de l'enfance

Le Centre d’excellence pour la protection et le bien-être des enfants (CEPB) est l’un des quatre centres d’excellence pour la protection et le bien-être des enfants, &

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Little Ears, Little Eyes: How Violence Against A Mother Shapes Children As They Grow

A resource developed by the Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System with funding from the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence in Ottawa, a division of the Public Health Agency

Alison Cunningham & Linda Baker
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Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children Briefing

Violence in its myriad forms is universally condemned under international human rights law. But corporal punishment is a form of violence that persists in the everyday lives of children worldwide.

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New National Survey on Canadian Law Surrounding Corporal Punishment

Toronto Public Health commissioned a national survey to assess Canadians' knowledge of the law on the physical punishment of children.

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Third Milestones of a Global Campaign for Violence Prevention Report 2007 - Scaling Up

This report, the third of its kind, reviews the progress that has been made in the fi eld of violence prevention since the October 2002 launch of the World report on violence and health and the Glo

World Health Organization
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Preventing violence and reducing its impact: how development agencies can help

Targeted towards officials from development assistance agencies, United Nations organizations, governments and nongovernmental organizations, the new document highlights how the health, psycho-soci

WHO and Violence Prevention Alliance
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